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How It Works

-Jawline gum (better known as mastic crystals) is up to 10x more resistant when compared to normal chewing gum. Our included jawline exercise program will challenge 8 total muscles in the jaw and neck with short 10 minute daily workouts. 
-Mastic crystals are harvested from Greece.  There they have been commonly chewed on to strengthen the muscles in the jaw, bringing out a chiseled and attractive jawline for thousands of years!  They help create that "hollow cheek" look as well.
-Your jaw WILL be sore, however, even after the first day (the easiest day in terms of reps).  We highly recommend in our jawline exercise program to alternate days on/off of exercise.  You need to give the muscle time to rest, just like any other muscle!
But that's a small price to pay for a sharp jawline!
-Our customers were happy to see a noticeable transformation, giving them a sharper, more defined jawline within the first few workouts.  Many customers have seen a tightening of skin in the cheeks and jaw as well.
-Go from chubby cheeks to Greek God-