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1)  What do the crystals taste like?

-The crystals are pure with zero sugar.  There is not much of a flavor except maybe a hint of chalky pine/cedar at first.

2) Can’t I just chew gum? 

Chewing gum is like running a mile.  Our crystals are like running a mile with a 100 pound weighted vest.  Just like training any other muscle, resistance matters!

3) Whats makes these crystals so special? 

-Looking at the individual pieces, they are semi-hard at first.  You need to chew into it for a few seconds to turn it into a rubbery texture.  This chew is up to 10x more resistant than regular chewing gum.  It is not recommended to chew for extended periods of time as the jaw will get tired fairly quickly.

4) How long should I chew for?

-The package will outline our recommended workout routine.  Results are typical within a week (you will feel the burn after day one, which is why we recommend chewing at night to give your jaw a chance to recover).  One month of diligent exercise will yield great results.  Additional exercise, just like any other muscle, will help to maintain a chiseled jawline year round.

5)  What am I actually strengthening?

-You are exercising your masseter, temporalis and pterygoideus medialis muscles.  Growing these will leave you with a more profound jaw.

6)  Why the jaw?

-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  With that being said, take a look at any movie star/model/supermodel.  It is not a coincidence that they have the most profound jawlines- male and female alike.  A strong jaw line is attractive, and growing yours can give a nice confidence boost.

7)  What if I have TMJ?

Please restrain from using this product if you have TMJ or any other jaw/joint issues and speak to a doctor first.

8)  Can I use this if I have braces?

Please speak to your orthodontist before using this product.  Like gum, this product can stick to braces and any dental work. 

9) The jaw isn't a muscle, it is bone

While we cannot change our bone structure without some crazy surgical procedure, there are 3 main muscles in the jaw we focus on exercising to define the tone and tightness of the jaw and side profile. These 3 muscles are the masseter, temporalis and pterygoid.